Marie Forleo on the Power of Heart, Hustle and Intuition

 width=Today’s episode was a real treat for me to create.

In part, because it features a good friend. But also because it takes you “behind the curtain” of a fast-building empire that’s changing the lives of thousands of women.

 width=In the last 3 years, Marie Forleo has exploded onto the marketing and entrepreneurship scene. She’s built an award-winning web-show, Marie TV, with a massive global following, a multimillion dollar company focused on serving the lives, needs and desires of women. And Oprah Winfrey recently called her a leading voice for a new generation of thought-leaders.

In this episode, we not only pull back the curtain on what Marie is building, we also take a giant step back into her life…pre-MarieTV.

We see how Marie spent years struggling, growing, working like crazy to find her “thing” and develop it into a serious business. We learn how she kept get knocked down, struggled with her own authenticity and came back stronger. We see how listening to her intuition has become a key to her success. And we discover where she’s going from here.

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