What We Get Wrong About Work | Marcus Buckingham

marcus buckinghamIn 1999, Marcus Buckingham burst onto the scene talking about these things called strengths and how to harness them in his mega-bestseller, First, Break All the Rules, followed in 2001 by Now, Discover Your Strengths. Helping people flourish in work and life became a lifelong obsession, leading to an acclaimed and deeply-rewarding career researching and developing strengths-based tools and insights, first at Gallup, and then launching his own consulting firm, The Marcus Buckingham Company. Marcus now leads People + Performance research at the ADP Research Institute and remains CEO of his consulting company. And, his latest book, Nine Lies About Work, takes an in-depth look at some of the biggest lies that pervade our workplaces, the biggest mistakes we make in building our own careers and leading others, and the deeper truths or antidotes that’ll put us back onto the right track. Be prepared to be surprised and awakened.

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