Here Lies Magic | Nate Staniforth

magic nate staniforthFrom the moment he drove his classmates into a screaming frenzy with a coin trick at age 9, Nate Staniforth has been hooked on creating experiences that awe. Now a professional magician, writer, YouTube creator, and author of Here is Real Magic: A Magician’s Search for Wonder in the Modern World, Nate has also co-starred in the Discovery Channel’s international hit TV series Breaking Magic.

Today, he tells us about the road of self-described discipleship that brought him there — including the moment he walked offstage in the middle of a performance and nearly burned it all to the ground. We also get into the background process of writing his book, riff on notions of success and knowing when something’s good enough, how vanishing into India profoundly changed his trajectory, and we get Nate’s take on finding goodness and wonder in a world that often seems to have lost them.

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