Liz Dolan: Mega-Business, Side-Hustles and Podcasting.

 width=So, how exactly did the global head of marketing for Nike become a podcaster?

From studying Comparative Literature and French to becoming the head of marketing at mega-brands like Nike, OWN, National Geographic Channels and Fox International, Liz Dolan has taken the world of big business by storm.

But in between these high-profile gigs, she found herself diving into deeply personal endeavors and side-hustles, with a focus on creativity, media and storytelling.

Most recently, she left the world of mega-business to host a great podcast, I Hate My Boss, where Dolan and co-host, Larry Seal, help people navigate the drama, highs, lows and angsty moments of modern-day work. And as a fun bonus, on the same day we’re airing her conversation on Good Life Project, GLP founder, Jonathan Fields, is also featured on I Hate My Boss.

You’d Never Guess: What NIKE founder, Phil Night, said to her when she told him she was leaving.

Current Passion Project: I Hate My Boss podcast.

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