Living a Life of Adventure and Impact: Scotty Johnson

When Scotty Johnson answered an ad in the paper to spend 4-months in the Arctic Circle, he never imagined it would forever change his life and lay the foundation for a stunning living filled with adventure and impact.

In the two decades since, he’s taken everyone from elite leadership teams and executives, to international sports teams, students and kids into some of the most rugged environments in the world, from the Oman desert to the open sea, and from Arctic expeditions and the rainforests of Australia to deep solitude of slow-moving rivers. He’s been on a quest to tap the power of these natural laboratories to reconnect people to the things that matter, the things that give meaning, the things that align to personal values, and the things that make a difference to self, family, organizations and the world we live in.

Along the way, he’s found himself not only making a profound difference in people’s lives and launching his company, Explore What Matters, but also building a career that lets him perpetually follow his fascinations, make meaning and fill his own life with exciting adventure, transformation and impact.

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Photo Credit Jon Riley

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