Lissa Rankin: The Untold Truth About Medicine and the Mind

lissaheadshot  width=If your doctor believes you won’t recover, does that make you less likely to live?

Can a sham knee surgery yield results that rival a those of a legendary orthopedic surgeon?

What if your mind could heal your body? Without drugs or other mainstream interventions?

What if that coiled-up organ between your ears possessed the ability to heal everything from cancer to joint-disease and chronic pain to heart-disease?

It all sounds absurd, right? Out there, nutso, woowoo, metaphysics silliness.

But, what if it’s not?

This episode is about to shatter your beliefs!

What if there was a mountain of hard-science to back up all these wild claims? Medical literature that’s been written off as “outliers,” when in fact, that same research holds the key to the next generation of medicine. One that’s far less reliant on drugs, surgeries and procedures and more reliant on cultivating the ability to “self-heal.”

And, what if the leading voice in this new “mind over medicine” movement was not an “alternative healer,” but rather a highly-respected, traditionally-trained physician who, after getting fed up with how poorly traditional medicine was serving her patients, started down a path that would change not only her patients’ lives, but her own?

MindovermedThat person is Lissa Rankin, M.D., author of a revolutionary new book, Mind Over Medicine.

In this week’s episode, Lissa and I go deep into her personal journey. One that led her into medicine at the age of…7 (no lie, you’ll hear the story). Led her to graduate at the top of her class, build a career as a top OB/GYN, before abandoning her practice in favor of a radically different approach.

You’ll discover how Rankin refused to be pigeonholed, embracing not just her “inner healer” but her “inner artist,” building a reputation as a painter and artist, author and speaker.

Most important, You’ll be won over by the depth of research and hard-science she’s uncovered around your ability to self-heal and how that led her to found the Whole Health Medicine Institute in a quest to offer physicians an alternative approach to creating extraordinary outcomes for their patients.

If you know anyone who’s not getting the results they’d like from traditional medicine, please share this powerful conversation with them.

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