Lisa Congdon: It’s Never Too Late To Make Art

 src= src=Lisa Congdon had worked a variety of jobs for the better part of her life. But something was missing. An avid collector and lover of anything vintage, she began to blend her interests, along with a growing curiosity about illustration and painting.

Working entirely outside what can be a very exclusive, elitist art world, she went public with her learning process, creating, photographing and sharing daily collections online. At the same time, she’d been painting and illustrating for years and more recently, developed an interest in hand-lettering and committed to sharing her learning curve online.

Going public with her creations, being willing to be seen and potentially judged while she was still learning is something that would make most people tremble. But it was this very process that fueled her learning, while also providing the accountability to make art every day that led to rapid improvement in her craft.

She’s now a highly-sought after illustrator, artist and author of a number of books.

We filmed this episode in her San Francisco studio and the vibe was magical. Join us in her creative space as we dive into her journey, challenges, inspiration and learnings.

Fave quote from Lisa –

“When you’re not making stuff, there’s this part of you that aches, but you don’t know that’s why it aches.”

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