Lewis Howes: A Big Man With a Dark Secret and Heart of Gold

Lewis Howes and Jonathan Fields on Good Life ProjectI’m rarely stunned. But this was one of those times…

Lewis Howes is a radiant, towering hulk of a human being. Driven, energized, magnetic and successful. I’ve known Lewis for a number of years now and consider him a good friend.

When he came to me earlier this year to share a dark, incredibly-painful secret from his childhood, I was floored. Did not see it coming. He’d been living with the pain and deep trauma of sexual abuse for decades. At the hands of another man, though he was just a boy.

When he told me, a few months after, that he wanted to “go public” in an effort to help others who’d been through the same thing, I was hesitant.

I didn’t know how people might take it, or mis-attribute any unfounded motivations. But he was determined to make it happen and asking me to help guide the conversation. I knew how important it would be to create a “safe container,” so I said yes.

The conversation that unfolded was incredibly raw, real, vulnerable and powerful on so many levels. He recently shared it with his community, and now I’m sharing it with you.

Please feel free to share this heartfelt conversation with anyone you think might find support or connection. Please also visit Lewis website and original post, where you can share your thoughts with him directly.

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