Kate Northrup: What If Money Didn’t Rule Your Life?

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Money. Oh, the stories we tell ourselves.

And the trouble we create when we talk about or, more often, don’t talk about it.

I’m more than a bit fascinated by the role of money in the quest to live a good life. Always exploring different peoples’ perspectives.

And I figured Kate Northrup, author of Money: A Love Story, was the perfect person to jam on this topic with.

Kate dug herself a into a financial hole, and then dug herself back out. And in her new book, she shares that journey with humor, truth and wisdom. True to form, we ended up in a wide-ranging conversation not just about money, but about how it flows into, facilitates, opens up and closes down so many experiences, relationships and possibilities.


You may recognize Kate’s last name, by the way, her mom is famed doctor, author and media phenom, Dr. Christiane Northrup. Does that matter to you? Eh, not really.

But what’s really fascinating is how it impacted Kate’s experience of the world, of work, of relationships, of money and her own sense of unique power. Kate is beautifully transparent about all of this, sharing very personal stories and awakenings along the way. Moments we can all learn from.

Join us for a wonderful conversation about power, money, love and living a good life.

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  • How do YOU experience and talk about cash, love and life? And…
  • How MIGHT you evolve that conversation to better serve your decisions, actions and the future you seek to craft?

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