Life & Creation After Loss | Kate Inglis

Kate Inglis is a photographer and author living in Nova Scotia.  She writes children’s fiction, including award-nominated novels and picture books. Kate’s writing through the premature birth of her twins, the subsequent loss of one, and life beyond eventually led to her internationally recognized book, Notes for the Everlost. In 2008, she founded Glow in the Woods, an online community for bereaved parents and headlined the annual Walk to Remember in Edmonton, Alberta. Inglis’ 2012 TEDx talk, Parallelism, explored the similarities between the often solitary journeys of creative work and healing from grief. In today’s expansive conversion, we dive into the peak moments, both highs and lows, from profound loss to revelation, creation, community and celebration, the stories that have shaped her path, the unexpected universality of her experience, her creative lens, voice and commitment to a life of creativity and service.

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