Fueling Vibrant Health the Plantpower Way with Julie Piatt


Julie Piatt with her two sons

“One of the biggest struggles we deal with as parents is making decisions for our children that feel safe for US.”

I have been interested in getting to know today’s guest for months, ever since I interviewed her husband Rich Roll for Good Life Project a couple of years ago.

If you haven’t watched that interview, I definitely recommend it for an amazing story of transformation and re-birth.

The conversation in today’s episode is equally inspiring and fascinating as I talk with Julie Piatt, the plant-based chef, healer, wife, mother, and artist who has created a remarkable health movement with her husband and co-authored the fantastic new book – The Plantpower Way.


One of the things I loved about Julie, her plant-based philosophy and book, is that she defies all stereotypes, keeps it beautifully real and absolutely accessible and inclusive. Put another way, there are no “shoulds,” only invitations to explore.

In this wide-ranging conversation, we delve into her childhood in Alaska being raised on game meat and salmon, her journey through raising 4 children with an ultra-endurance, plant-powered athlete husband, and her extraordinary story of healing an “un-healable” cyst in her neck by changing what she ate.

We also take an unexpected, yet eye-opening look into the world of homeschooling, and the power of supporting children in finding their own paths, and then moves into the vibrant plant-based lifestyle Julie and Rich have created both in their home and in the world.

No matter what your ideas about food are, this conversation will open your eyes to think in ways I’d venture you haven’t before.

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“You have to be the healer of your life.”

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