They Said It Couldn’t Be Done | John Chester

John Chester has been a filmmaker and director for the last 25 years, telling stories that re-connect us with our humanity and help us see the same in others. During that same time, his wife Molly, was busy changing lives as a private chef and teacher in LA, with a focus on natural foods, biodiversity and sustainability. Years into their careers, they took a radical left turn, moving out of the city, buying a piece of land that’d been deemed largely unfarmable and transforming it, over a period of years and sometimes gutting challenges and loss, into Apricot Lane Farms. It’s not just a biodynamic, regenerative and organic farm, but a stunning example of what is possible when you hold onto a vision to rehabilitate a small slice of nature, while surrendering to how the adventure tells you it needs to unfold. The story of Molly and John’s journey is captured in a moving new documentary called The Biggest Little Farm.

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photo credit: Yvette Roman Photography

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