Angel Investor, Joanne Wilson, On Lifestyle Entrepreneurship, Going Big, Being Present and Having It All

gotham galJoanne Wilson drinks in life, and offers up wisdom.

A well-known angel investor with a strong focus on women owned businesses, she’s also a lifelong entrepreneur, blogger, foodie, wife and mom. She’s funded and advised a wide range of ventures, including, Blue Bottle Coffee, Daily Worth, New York Mouth, Kitchen Surfing and many others.

To her, there’s a seamless dance between business and life that informs both her lens on entrepreneurship and her approach to life and success.

In this week’s episode, we explore her journey, and dive deep into a host of topics, from the myth of having it all to whether the mindset of entrepreneurship is trainable or not and the need to take breaks.

We also explore that taboo territory of family and entrepreneurship and whether you can build a giant, scalable business while also keeping all other parts of your life functioning at that same level. And why you’d even try. One of my favorite quotes from the conversation:

“Athletes need to take a break from their muscles, entrepreneurs need to take a break from their brains.”

Join us for this conversation. And if it resonates, feel free to share it with your friends. Especially those makers and entrepreneurs who could use a bit of a mindset reset.

Watch the web-show above or listen to the GLP Radio version below, on SoundCloud or iTunes.

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