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Jimmie Vaughan started playing blues guitar when he was a kid and now, more than 5 decades later, he just never stopped. Growing up in Dallas in the 50 and 60s, Jimmie and his little brother, Stevie Ray used to spend their time listening to music and figuring out how to play it on guitar.

By the time Jimmie was about 15, he’d already been getting paid to play in a band 6 nights a week and decided to strike out on his own, eventually landing in Austin, where he’d end up playing with legends like BB King, Eric Clapton and nearly every other blues legend, and eventually earn his own place a legendary blues player.

Along the way, his brother, Stevie Ray Vaughan would join him in Austin, carving his own iconic status in the world of blues. Tragically, Stevie lost his life in a helicopter crash, leaving Jimmie in what he calls his dark years, trying to carry on with music and life. He eventually emerged and has been a guiding light in the world of Blues for more than 50 years now. His new album, BABY, PLEASE COME HOME, is a rolling and righteous celebration of everything the blues can be.

And, as with all of our very special music episodes this month, at the end, Jimmie plays a bit of guitar for us. This one was really special for me, because Jimmie didn’t have his guitar with him in the studio, but he gave me the great honor of playing the acoustic guitar I’d built with my own hands almost a year-to-the-day earlier. 

Jimmie is currently touring, so be sure to catch him on the road!


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photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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