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Jessi HempelI’ve been a fan of Jessi Hempel’s writing and amazing podcast, Hello Monday, for years now, but it was her deeply insightful six-part series on re-opening the world of work that led us into the virtual studio space to jam. Jessi is a senior editor at large at LinkedIn and host of the award-winning podcast Hello Monday. For the past 18 years, she has been writing and editing features and cover stories about the most important people and companies in technology. Most recently, she was the head of editorial for Backchannel and a senior writer at Wired, where she profiled Dr. Fei-Fei Li and covered Uber’s attempted comeback. Earlier in her career, she was a senior writer for Fortune, where she co-chaired Fortune’s Aspen tech conference. Before that, Jessi wrote for BusinessWeek, and TIME Asia. She has appeared on CNN, PBS, MSNBC, Fox, and CNBC, addressing the culture and business of technology. But, it was her deeper impulse to get to the heart of things and her love of storytelling that really drew me to her work. In today’s conversation, we learn how those threads have woven through her life, landing her most recently in the world of audio with a focus on work and all the emotions and questions it brings.

You can find Jessi at: LinkedIn | Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel podcast

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