Jesse Browner: What If I’d Taken a Different Path?

e11938962057-HowHave you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had chosen another path? Would you have been more successful in your craft? A better writer, artist, musician? Would you have made a bigger impact in the world?

My guest today, Jesse Browner, has by all rights been extremely successful. He has a great marriage and family, living in the middle of Manhattan. He is a successful author whose books have been published by some of the biggest houses in New York City and he has a lucrative full-time job.

However, as Jesse approached his 50s, he started wondering, “What if?”

Jesse spent his 20s in what was known as the heartbeat of Bohemia in New York City (if you have ever seen the movie or the musical Rent, then you know exactly the place I am describing). As he looked back at this time, he realized that although no one he knew was extremely successful or rich, they were all living and breathing their craft.

From this reflection came the question, “Is there an untapped wealth of talent just buried within me?”

Jesse’s exploration of this question over many years led to his latest book, How Did I Get Here?. Today, Jesse guides us through his incredible journey of discovery and letting go. If you have ever been tormented by the “What If?” questions in your life, then this episode is one you cannot afford to miss. So turn up the volume, get comfortable and listen in as we take you on an incredible journey of growth and development.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Jesse’s incredible experiences living as a bohemian in Alphabet City.
  • How book translation helped Jesse’s writing.
  • How Jesse finally came to terms with the highs and lows of his writing process.
  • Why Jesse will never tell a writer that their creative process is wrong.
  • How writing his book, How Did I Get Here?, helped Jesse stop questioning his past decisions.



Mentioned in This Episode:

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Photo credit: Jeffrey Lin

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