Jess Lively: What happens when you let intuition take the wheel?

When you think of masculine and feminine, do you naturally think “man” and “woman” respectively?

Our guest today believes everyone can harness both masculine and feminine energy to achieve greater success in business and, ultimately, life.

In this episode, Jess Lively unpacks how masculine and feminine, intuition and ego play together effectively. She explains why Oprah is the quintessential example of a woman who’s exploited both the masculine and feminine energy and how we can replicate that approach.

Jess now helps people live from values-based intentions through and The Lively Show podcast. She began her entrepreneurial journey making jewelry at the side of the pool at the age of 15. Jess JC was born and cemented the notion that a business at its core is a process of creating something from nothing and finding customers who will buy it.

After completing her MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business in 2007, Jess grew her accessory business into a successful full-time career in Chicago. Later, she transitioned into business coaching.

Knowing that her mission is to help people become more peacefully fulfilled by shifting their approach to life, she started her blog in 2009 to share that message and eventually a popular podcast, The Lively Show.

Jess Lively shares a simple process for liberating an astonishing source of guidance available to us all – our intuition. According to Jess, when we listen to and allow that intuition to guide our decisions, we’ll experience opportunities for growth and adventure others will ignore.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What the basics of building a business entail.
  • How Jess’s “mess becomes your message” experience led to her current business success.
  • Societal changes that impact how women relate in the marketplace.
  • How entrepreneurs exist in a state of high ego and high intuition to create success in business.
  • How we can liberate and tap into our intuition to make better business decisions.
  • Jess’s step-by-step process for having a conversation between your ego and intuition.

Mentioned in This Episode:

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