Jedidiah Jenkins: Living a Life of Intention and Adventure.

Jedidiah Jenkins is a storyteller, adventurer and powerful advocate for intentional living.

Leaving behind his training in law to tap a lifelong gift for storytelling and a deep heart of service, Jedidiah joined the team at Invisible Children. They would eventually launch the KONY 2012 campaign, producing a video that went massively viral with more than 100-million views in the first week. This both shined the light on a nation in dire need, but also brought on a fierce backlash that led to a lot of pain and self-exploration.

As he neared his 30th birthday, Jedidiah started feeling called to commit to a powerful personal quest. So, he made the frightening decision to leave a job he loved to pursue an untested dream: bicycling to Patagonia and writing a book about it. From the cartels of Mexico, to the mega-churches of the US, to the Amazon in Bolivia, he has seen some crazy things.

In this week’s episode, we explore his epic journey, and the adventures still yet to come.

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