One Woman’s Journey to Help Thousands Find Freedom


“Nothing about them without them.”

Sometimes you hear stories about the horrors of what people go through in other parts of the world and it just seems hopeless.

Who are you to help change traditions and practices that have existed for centuries?

And why would people listen to you as an outsider?

These questions and challenges have not deterred today’s guest from making an incredibly important impact in places like Africa and India.

Jane Mosbacher Morris spent years working in the US Department of State, the McCain Institute, and with organizations around the world learning about the actual issues that surround practices like early childhood marriage and violence against women. And then she made an important discovery.

No matter how much you give aid to a woman who is a survivor of these kinds of trauma, you can’t give her freedom without helping her become economically independent.

Jane founded a company to do just that last year, To The Market, and in our moving conversation, she explains how it helps women survivors gain income and freedom.

We talk about her experiences meeting women and girls in the red light districts of India, her work with the UN, and her vision for what this company can become.

This is a powerful and raw conversation that will inspire and educate you about what you can do to share what you have where it matters most.

Some questions I ask:

  • What is a woman’s life actually like in the parts of the world you are working in?
  • How do you bridge the gap between the rules on the books and the deep-rooted beliefs of the culture?
  • How do you tell the stories of these survivors while still honoring their humanity?
  • What’s your greatest hope for the survivors?

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“Women are often the primary conveyors of norms in the family.”

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