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Amy PorterfieldEver wonder if entrepreneurship is for you? Whether starting a personal business like coaching or consulting, building around an idea, platform, technology or product, teaching others what you know, either in person or through books, courses and talks, heading out on your own, blazing your own path can be scary. And, this is especially true if you’re walking away from a job with a nice salary, benefits, and some sense of security. Even more so if your resources are limited.

But, does it have to be that scary or risky? What can we do to, first, understand if this path is right for us and, second, set ourselves up for success? Not just in building a flourishing business, but also in crafting a life you love? These are the questions we’re exploring today with my long-time friend, Amy Porterfield.

After years of working to climb the corporate ladder, Amy took a leap of faith and left it all behind to start her own online education company. The first few years were hard. Really hard. They made her question her decision more than once. But, something in her knew it was still the right path. And, she also realized something about entrepreneurship. As she says:

“If you want to experience true personal growth, become an entrepreneur, because you will be working on yourself every single day. You will be seeing sides of yourself you do not like. You will be seeing all your insecurities and your challenges and your weaknesses and you will also be seeing so much growth and opportunity in yourself.”

Now 14 years in, having helped tens of thousands of people, Amy has built an extraordinarily successful company with a full team and many offerings, and produces a top-ranked podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. She’s been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, CNBC, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and more. Her company has twice been awarded the Inc. 5000 Award as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S. today. She’s become a true champion, and also a leading voice on how to make the transition into entrepreneurship. In her new book, Two Weeks Notice: Find the Courage to Quit Your Job, Make More Money, Work Where You Want, and Change the World, Amy dives into her journey, then walks you through a detailed process to envision, validate, and build your own, low-risk, easy-on-the-psyche business. And, we dive deep into it all in today’s conversation.

You can find Amy at: Website | Instagram | Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield podcast

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