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Imagine being a young photographer, working to stand out and rise up in a hyper-competitive industry, then getting a call one day from Iman and David Bowie, asking to shoot the cover of Iman’s next book, after two of the covers shot by two of the world’s top photographers had been rejected? That is exactly what happened with Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri. 

That moment would become an inciting incident, leading evermore opportunities to deepen into her wildly imaginative and compelling magical realism style and launch years of award-winning collaborations, image-making and storytelling with everyone from HBO, Vogue and Vanity Fair, to Pepsi and Nike to L’Oreal and icons like Beyonce, Gaga, Bowie, Kate Winslet, Pharrell Williams, Eugene Brave Rock, Jay-Z and countless others. Indrani’s work is exhibited in museums worldwide and in the permanent collections of the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian. Over time, she’s integrated her love of image-making and storytelling with her passion for service in the name of social justice and impact, and expanded from still images to film, including directing the powerful Girl Epidemic documentary about sex trafficking and slavery.

Beyond directing, advocacy has taken a much more central role in her work and life, with positions as the co-Host of the Global People’s Summit at the United Nations, host of the New York Live Arts’ Humanities Symposium, and Co-Founder and Executive Director of Shakti Empowerment Education for women and children in India. She also lectures at her alma mater, Princeton University, on “Mobilizing Millions with Art and Film for Human Rights and Social Justice.” 

You can find Indrani at: Website | Instagram

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