[BONUS] Humble the Poet | Music Month

Continuing with our special Music in May Thursday episodes, my guest today is Toronto-raised former elementary-school teacher turned MC, spoken-word artist, poet, international bestselling author, Humble the Poet, though his primary school students used to know him simply as Mr. Singh. He’s performed at concerts and festivals around the world, including Lollapalooza and now splits his time between Toronto and Los Angeles.

In today’s conversation, we explore not only Humble the Poet’s journey from teaching to music, rap, video and spoken word, but also how his experience as the child of immigrants, being raised in the Sikh tradition and, in his words, not seeing anyone else in the music world who looked like him, shaped his lens on possibility, his stories and voice and values. And, we dive into a series of moments of honest and often painful reckonings that awakened him to how he wanted to live his life and devote himself to his craft. 

In addition to his music, Humble also has a great new book out that distills 101 short and sweet insights for better living called UNLEARN. And as with all of our Music in May episodes, Humble shares a musical offering at the end, this time in the form of a spoken word piece, so you want to be sure stick around for the whole conversation.

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