How to Talk About Sex, Let Go of Shame & Get What You Need | Vanessa Marin

Vanessa MarinEver wonder how and when sex, which every person who’s ever lived is a product of, and can be a source of deep connection, communication, and pleasure, became such a sensitive, cringe and sometimes shame-inducing subject? How has it led to so much bottling up feeling, stifling of needs and unrequited yearnings that’s left so many longing for more closeness in their relationships? How did such a fundamental part of the human experience become so taboo? And, how can we break the patterns to get way more comfy not just talking about it, but also sharing our needs, desires and curiosities in a way that brings us together, rather than drives us apart?

To help answer these questions, sex and relationship expert, Vanessa Marin, reveals how simple but meaningful communication shifts can transform conversations with your significant other. Vanessa, author of the new book Sex Talks: The Five Conversations That Will Transform Your Love Life, helps us overcome the shame, stigma and misconceptions around intimacy that leave even loving couples feeling disconnected. She provides practical exercises and prompts couples can implement immediately to start vulnerable yet joyful dialogues that reconnect them emotionally and physically.

In this episode, Vanessa discusses how setting rituals, exploring non-sexual touch, and carving out scheduled alone time shows our partners we desire closeness with them above all else. Making sex a priority through open communication demonstrates our priorities and values, ultimately inspiring the very deeper intimacy we seek.

While avoiding tough conversations may seem easier, Vanessa reveals how honest dialogues about topics we’re taught to feel shame around – from pleasure and enjoyment to mismatched desire – can paradoxically build the trust and safety that allow vulnerability and closeness to grow. And, to make it even easier, in her book, she provides tons of specific exercises and even words and scripts, some of which we dive into in today’s conversation.

So, if you’re ready to become just uncomfortable enough to have the important conversations that can bring you and your partner closer together, Vanessa Marin shares the communication shifts and techniques that can ignite intimacy, transform your love life, and fulfill your deepest desire: to feel truly known and connected with the one you love.

You can find Vanessa at: Website | Instagram

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