How to Stop Overthinking | Summer Series Pt.2

We all have those moments, maybe even days, months, years, some of us, maybe even decades of our lives where our minds just won’t stop racing. We get caught up in this whirlwind of thoughts and anxieties, wary stories, just rehashing the past, forecasting the future, and all too often imagining these worst-case stories or scenarios and we just can’t let them go.

Yes, we are talking about overthinking, and today we are going to unravel this interesting, complicated, sometimes messy mental pattern and share with you a set of science-back strategies, a sort of an overthinking ultimate toolkit to help you stop overthinking and start taking action to become more present in your life. More focused on what matters, more engaged with those around you because you are not spinning those things in your head and just perpetuate, overthinking.

And you may be surprised at just how much control you do have over this process and how powerful and fairly quick to implement some of the tools we’ll share are. So that is where we’re headed today in this second installment of our Good Life summer series where every Monday we take on a single topic that is critical to a life well lived, to dive into ideas, the issues, the practical impact, science, art, and then explore strategies, tips, and tools to navigate these experiences with more grace and ease.

You can find the 1-page worksheet HERE.

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