How to Feel Significant (again?) | Seth Godin

Seth GodinBeyond money, perks, and benefits, what really matters in work and life? Turns out, when thousands of people were interviewed, meaning, purpose – the feeling of significance – like what I do, and who I am truly matters, is key. But, at the same time, generations of workplace practices, systems and structures have worked to keep us from these feelings. Well, what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if significance could be a central part of your job? Even if you thought it was impossible.

That’s what we’re diving into with and old friend today, Seth Godin, exploring how to transform the workplace into a source of fulfillment, purpose, and innovation – so that it gives us that deeply yearned for feeling of significance.

Seth is an entrepreneur, many-time New York Times best-selling author, and renowned speaker. Known for his insightful take on work-life culture, marketing, leadership, and the spread of ideas, Seth has motivated and inspired countless people around the world. With an astonishing 20 best-selling books under his belt, he’s the visionary idea-planter and ruckus-maker. And, now, he’s back with his latest groundbreaking work, The Song of Significance.

We dive into:

  1. Embracing change as the new normal: In an ever-evolving world, discover the power of living in liminal spaces and how to thrive in uncertainty.
  2. Reimaging the workplace: Learn how to create a significant organization that enrolls, empowers, and trusts everyone, no matter where they are.
  3. How to navigate groundlessness: Seth shares his thoughts on how the past few years have trained us to expect and embrace change.
  4. The importance of taking responsibility: Dive into the idea of doing work that matters, even if it’s scary, as long as it’s generous.
  5. Explore the human aspect of work: Rediscover the value of human connection and the potential for creating meaningful work experiences.

This conversation is a must-listen for anyone who yearns for a more fulfilling, purpose-driven, and human-centric approach to work. Seth Godin’s “The Song of Significance” serves as a timely manifesto for those seeking to transform the workplace and create an environment where everyone can deliver their best work.

You can find Seth at: Website | Instagram

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