How to Navigate Criticism | Summer Series Pt.3

Have you ever received criticism that left you confused and defensive, wondering what you could do better? How often have you felt personal attacks masquerading as helpful feedback? These experiences are all too common, leaving us questioning our self-worth and abilities.

Today’s episode explores how we can navigate criticism in a way that fosters growth instead of damage. We’ll reveal that beyond the initial sting, constructive criticism can be a gift — an opportunity for personal and professional improvement if we learn to receive and respond to it wisely.

We unpack helpful strategies to reframe criticism, manage our emotional reactions, and deliver feedback in a way that builds people up rather than tears them down. Hear how pausing and reflecting, seeking clarification, and practicing gratitude can transform how criticism lands.

By learning to differentiate between the message and delivery of criticism, and focusing on progress over perfection, we can begin to embrace criticism as a mirror, reflecting back what we could not see for ourselves. Even harshly delivered criticism may contain valuable insights if we can filter through the noise.

So that is where we’re headed today in this 3rd installment of our Good Life summer series where every Monday we take on a single topic that is critical to a life well lived, to dive into ideas, the issues, the practical impact, science, art, and then explore strategies, tips, and tools to navigate these experiences with more grace and ease.

You can find the 1-page worksheet HERE.

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