How to Accomplish Big Things | The 2022 Plan

Is there something big that you would love to accomplish in this new year? Something maybe you’ve been thinking about for a while, something maybe you have tried to figure out, try to succeed at tried to accomplish in the past, maybe something that was a new year’s resolution in the past, though, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. We live in different times and, very often that affects what we want to accomplish. And this thing that to you is big, it doesn’t have to be big to anyone else. It can be something internally. It can be so as important to you as learning how to get really comfortable in social situations, it can be something external, like running a 10k it can be something like finding a new job, or something that is just really deeply personal, like writing a book or pretty using a podcast, whatever it may be.

Is there something big that as you step into this new world, you would love to make happen this year, but really can’t wrap your head around how to make it happen? Well, if that’s you, then this entire episode is going to help you a ton. I’m going to walk you through what I call my Success Scaffolding, introducing you to the eight elements. I call them the eight Ps and each one of these is critical to succeeding at anything that is not sort of, you know, accomplished in the blink of an eye. Anything substantial, anything that will take effort that is sustained over a longer window of time, anything where the stakes are higher and really deeply meaningful to you, anything where maybe you have tried in the past and just it hasn’t worked for so many different reasons. What I’m about to share with you may also explain exactly why past attempts have not gotten you to where you wanna be, and also give you a really powerful step-by-step framework to accomplish anything big in nearly any context, any part of your life. That is what I’m going to walk you through today. Success Scaffolding, the eight Ps, and how to accomplish anything really big. So excited to share this framework with you.

You can find the 1-page worksheet HERE.

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