Happiness. It’s Complicated.

What if the quest to be perpetually happy was actually making us miserable?

Who doesn’t want to be happy? Who doesn’t want to laugh all day? It’s a wonderful state, deserving of a powerful seat at the good life table. Happiness has become a hot subject of study over the last two decades, along with the explosion of the field of positive psychology.

This near-mystical state comes with myriad benefits, beyond, well, being happy.

Happy people:

  • Have more friends
  • Are healthier
  • Have better immune systems
  • Are more active contributors to society
  • Get more done at work.

The list of happy-related yumminess is long.

But, what exactly IS happiness? How do we GET it? Is happiness really a MUST for a good life? And, can the dogged pursuit of happiness actually make you less happy?

That’s what we’re talking about on today’s Good Life Project Riff.

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