How to Close the Books on 2017 | Amber for Sleep.

Don’t make this year-end mistake…

Everywhere you look, people are reflecting on the year, sharing what went right, what went wrong, what freaked them out and lit them up. Then, they’re looking at the year ahead, setting goals, intentions and making commitments and resolutions about what they “want” to happen. Reflecting, learning and then setting intentions, and goals is a good thing.

But there’s one thing that’s critically important to turning the page on another year that most people never do. It’s a simple ritual we call “Closing the Books.” And, the problem with skipping this step is that, if you don’t do it, you never fully let go of this year and create the space to step into next year as unburdened by the past as you can possibly be. So, how do you Close the Books? That’s what we’re talking about in today’s GLP Riff.

Good Life Science: In our Good Life Science segment, we’re diving into some fascinating new research on sleep, and how wearing glasses with amber lenses at night affects your ability to get the nods you need. You may have heard about this before, but this new research shows just how big a benefit you can get. It also brings up a pretty powerful reason to wear them that we’d never considered. It’s not just about your devices and screens anymore, it’s bigger than that. And, as always, for those who want to go to the source, here’s a link to the full study.


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