Gay Hendricks | Genius, Limits & Conscious Luck

Gay HendricksGay Hendricks exploded onto the human potential scene in 2009 with his mega New York Times bestselling book, The Big Leap, where he introduced the concept of the upper limit problems and the zone of genius, which he’s now re-envisioned as a spiral of genius. These ideas, along with tools to help work with them, were based on decades of clinical application and explained so much about why, even when we succeed, we tend to revert back. And it gave us a structure for understanding, then devoting ourselves to the type of work that accesses our fullest potential.

Along with his wife, Katie, he’s continued to write, lead workshops around the world, often focused on mind-body practices, cultivating potential and deepening relationships, and he realized something. Without intending it, he’d figured out a methodology to cultivate what he calls conscious luck. Hendricks began codifying this idea years back but got busy with other projects until as luck would have it, just the right person would land in his world to help him turn the idea into a book, fittingly called Conscious Luck. We explore all of these ideas, along with so many of Gay’s unlikely, yet profoundly rewarding twists and turns along the way in today’s conversation.

You can find Gay Hendricks at: Website | Instagram

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