Gatekeepers, Crowdfunding and Permission Slips

Jam Session - GatekeepersThere has been an epic shift in power between makers, artists, entrepreneurs and those who, for generations, have stood between them and the people who would buy, fund and support what they want to bring into the world.

Whether you’re trying to publish a book, launch a product or business, or release an album, you are now in the driver’s seat. Technology has profoundly changed the game and allowed you to find and build relationships directly with the people you want to serve and delight.

Does that mean the gatekeepers have no role moving forward? Answer is, it depends. For those traditional gatekeepers who wish to stay relevant, their role is evolving rapidly. Becoming more of a strategic partner than a gatekeeper, because simply standing in the middle and funding production is no longer enough.

If you understand this dynamic, you can put yourself in a position of power like never before. Never has this shift been on bigger display than in the new world of crowdfunding. In this week’s episode, Clay Hebert, founder of and I get into the evolution of gatekeepers and crowdfunding and the return of power to the makers.

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