Gala Darling: Living on The Power of Radical Self Love

  width=gala-postGrowing up in New Zealand, Gala Darling struggled to find her place in the world and began to turn to fashion as an outlet for self-expression. This eventually blossomed into an exploration of world culture, a love of travel and a deepening exploration of how all of that related to the way people relate to each other.

Moving to NYC on a whim, she began to write about all of this, blogging at It didn’t take long for her to stake a claim as a leading fashion blogger. But that’s not a title she wears comfortably these days, as her interests have evolved past outfits and accessories and more toward what matters in life. She still loves fashion, but what you choose to wear is less interesting to Gala than why you’d wear it, how it makes you feel and why that’s important.

Frustrated at the almost-entirely external focus on feeling good, Gala began to write more about what she calls “radical self-love,” literally live-blogging maybe the world’s longest book online. And starting a deeper conversation about the way people, especially women, relate to their own bodies, sense of esteem and each other.

Beyond blogging, writing and appearing regularly in the media, Gala now also consults with a wide variety of companies on branding and digital connection. And more recently, she’s partnered with two friends to launch a The Blogcademy, a training program for aspiring bloggers that offers live trainings around the world.

In this episode, we explore Gala’s remarkable journey. Her jump across the globe with literally no support and no plan and how she rebuilt a new living that allows her to blend her interests and serve people on a level that leaves everyone better.

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“Living a good life is about realizing you have options” – Gala Darling (click to tweet)

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