Gail Devers | How to Take Back Control of Your Life and Health

Today’s guest, Gail Devers, was a rising star in the world of running, winning title after title. Until her body began to betray her, literally consuming itself and threatening to end her career just as it was just getting going, let alone her life. Maybe even more distressing, though, was a level of systematic gaslighting for years, doctors kept saying nothing was wrong, but she knew. And she kept pushing for answers until she found one, then painstakingly rebuilt her health, her life, and stepped back onto the track to do what no one else thought possible. Gail became a nine-time World Champion, three-time Olympic gold track and field medalist, and a five-time Olympian. 

Now a fierce advocate for raising awareness for Grave’s Disease, which she was finally diagnosed with, she’s made a name for herself as one of the fastest women alive for almost two decades. Although the odds were seemingly against Gail when she discovered her diagnosis, from her health suffering to her self-confidence taking a major hit as a result. It made Gail’s recovery and comeback moment years later in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona even more special. 

But her story is also so much bigger than running. She’s become a fierce advocate to raise awareness for Grave’s disease and its accompanying TED symptoms. In my chat with her today, we take it back to where it all first started, remembering what motivated her to step onto the track in the first place, and we make our way up to the moment that finally changed everything for Gail: receiving her first diagnosis. We talk about how overwhelming yet crucial it was for Gail to serve as her own health advocate during her search for answers, how goal-setting played its role in her recovery and healing journey, and why it’s so important for us all to take back control of our lives against anything that tries to take it away from us. 

This talk with Gail comes at a special time since July is Grave’s Disease Awareness Month. So buckle in, and come along this ride with us today and learn how one woman was determined to finish the race that she started, even if her life depended on it. So excited to share this conversation with you.

You can find Gail at: More About Thyroid Eye Disease | Instagram

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