Frank Lipman | The 6 Pillars of a Happy, Healthy Life [Best of]

Frank LipmanIs happiness just in your mind, or does your body play a role? Is health just in your body, or is your mind critical? What about your environment, circumstance, and history? How do these play into the well-being puzzle? Especially now, after a few years that have been so hard on us?

According to Dr. Frank Lipman, in order for us to feel better, more alive, more well, we need to focus on 6 key areas, that all interconnect. Frank is a pioneer in both integrative and functional medicine. He’s the founder and director of 1111 wellness center in New York City. A New York Times bestselling author and the creator of Be Well, a lifestyle brand that helps people achieve genuine and really sustainable life changes. I have known Frank for many years. He’s become a close advisor when it comes to really anything wellness related that I am exploring doing. 

We explored his moving personal journey from South Africa to New York in a prior episode. In this week’s best of episode, drawing from his latest book, How to Be Well, we dive into what he calls his good medicine mandala, and it’s really kinda wrapped around these six pillars of health, along with some very specific and often contrary and advice, which, he is not afraid to carve his own path and be very direct about what he agrees and disagrees with on everything from fasting and fat in your diet to sleep and sunshine, and so much more, really excited to share this conversation with you. 

His insights are especially valuable as we all start to look at how to emerge from these last few years, and reclaim a sense of agency over our health, happiness, and overall well-being. 

You can find Frank at: Website | Instagram | Eleven Eleven Wellness Center

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