Erika Napoletano: The Raw Power Of The Real You

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Erika Napoletano tells it like it is.

That may bother you, it may send you running for the hils. Or it may make you fall in love with her. Either reaction is fine with her. Just don’t ask her to be someone she’s not.

That idea is at the heart of today’s wide-ranging conversation with The Power of Unpopular author and founder of RHW Media brand strategy company, Erika Napoletano.

When I was reviewing the rough cut of this conversation. I started jotting down ideas. Small things that tumbled out of Napoletano’s mouth that made me think. It didn’t take long for those quick thoughts to build into a serious list.

Here are a few highlights:

“It’s possible to be content without being complacent.”

“You don’t remember people, places or pictures, you remember how each made you feel.”

“If I’m 100% me when I’m doing the thing that’s hardest for me, it’s a whole lot easier.”

“Love me, hate me, just don’t be indifferent.” Click to tweet

“It’s very hard to be with someone who doesn’t know why they matter or feels they have worth.”

“My path isn’t to write your story, it’s to write my story. And that doesn’t mean they don’t intersect.”

“The only thing I should do is take the word should out of my vocabulary.”

Join me in this incredibly transparent, provocative and at times raw conversation.


After we aired Gala Darling’s episode with her 4-letter words bleeped, a tremendous conversation ensued on my blog about whether that was the right move or not. I’ve since come to believe that it wasn’t. My guests choose their words with deliberation and, with rare exception, I want to honor that choice and trust you’ll be able to see the soul beyond any language that offends. Or not.

That said, I also know that I have a growing family audience and want to honor parents’ desire to make choices on behalf of their kids. So, for episodes where there may be more than the occasional four-letter word, I’ll use the ESRB rating system that is applied to many games these days, because it seems to be a standard you all are familiar with.

This will be the first episode with the designation of “T”.

It’s my great hope that allowing the conversations to be as real as they need to be will not dissuade you from drinking in the many awakenings from those who might not express themselves with the same choice of language as you.

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