The Wildfang Way | Emma Mcilroy

Growing up outside Belfast, Ireland, Emma Mcilroy was obsessed with all-things athletics, while also developing a fierce interest in human behavior. She went on to Cambridge, then landed in the world of business, starting out at Barclays in London. Soon after, McIlroy jumped companies and countries to work for Nike in Oregon. Still, something else, a powerful and deeply personal vision, bundled with a movement to smash gender norms, support equality and empower expression was brewing. So she left to launch her own brand, Wildfang, upon the “belief that a womxn has the right to wear whatever the hell she likes and be whoever the hell she likes.” Wildfang now boasts locations in Portland, LA and NYC, and has built a global following and fanbase of badass celebs including Janelle Monae, Chvrches, Lizzo, Rachel Evan Wood, and Blondie.

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