Choosing Not to Die, When Doctor Becomes Patient – Dr. Rana Awdish

Dr. Rana Awdish wanted to be a doctor from her earliest memories, and worked to become an ICU physician. But, when she found herself 7-months pregnant, being admitted to the hospital spiraling into multiple organ failure, the near-death experience, followed by a two-year medical odyssey would forever change her.

Dr. Awdish’s understanding of both what it was to be a patient, and how the relationship between doctor and patient could radically affect the experience and even outcome of a patient was transformative. This harrowing journey and her awakening to a profoundly different way to practice medicine are detailed beautifully in her memoir, In Shock.

Dr. Awdish is now the Director of the Pulmonary Hypertension Program at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and a Critical Care Physician. She was recently named Medical Director of Care Experience for the Health System and awarded the Speak-Up Hero award in 2014 for her work on improving communication, as well as the Critical Care Teaching Award in 2016.


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