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Jill Bolte Taylor

In 2008, Jill Bolte Taylor gave the first-ever TED Talk to go massively viral. A Harvard-trained neuroscientist, she told the story of her stroke that largely wiped out the entire left hemisphere of her brain, a horrifying experience and yet, the entire time, at her left hemisphere was shutting down, it was observing and analyzing the process in the way a scientist might, wondering at the moment by moment changes. 

She shared this deeply moving story, along with the 8-year journey it took to rebuild and bring her left half back online, enough to step back into her career and stand on maybe the most intimidating stage in the world and leave her audience both captivated and yearning, in an odd twist of circumstance, to experience even a glimpse of the profound expansive, connectedness and bliss Jill described as her right hemisphere took the reigns and all but eliminated and sense of separate self, otherness or separation. 

Despite the stunning success of her talk and book that followed, she still viewed them, in a way, as failures. Her ultimate goal was to invite people to explore reconnecting with that same sense of spaciousness, joy, empathy and compassion, to activate and embrace all parts of their brains, not just the head’s down, individualistic, achievement-oriented parts. People wanted to, but there was no clear roadmap, so she spent years deconstructing the process and distilling it into a powerful, insight-packed call to action in her new book, Whole Brain Living: The Anatomy of Choice and the Four Characters That Drive Our Life, where she reveals the 4 characters living in your brain and how to harness them to live an extraordinary, intentional and present life.

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