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Denise KaufmanAt 73, Denise Kaufman is the ultimate renaissance woman, an active member of the ‘60s Bay Area psychedelic rock scene who’s seen and done it all – and continues to do it all. The longtime singer and bassist is a member of Ace of Cups, the pioneering all-female psychedelic rock band that opened for Jimi Hendrix, The Band, Janis Joplin, and more, and that shared the stage with the likes of the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. She continues to play and record new music with the recently reunited group, which has been praised by Rolling Stone, Billboard, CBS This Morning, NPR All Things Considered, The Guardian, and has recorded new songs with Bob Weir, Jackson Browne, David Freiberg, and more. 

A deeply spiritual person who has been exploring energy flow and community connectedness for over half a century, Denise also is a trained yoga teacher who has taught Madonna, Quincy Jones, and more. She splits her time between Venice Beach where she practices and records with the Ace of Cups and teaches Yin Yoga – and Kaua, Hawaii, where she founded the Island School in 1977, and lives on an organic farm, and surfs in her free time.

You can find Denise Kaufman at: Website | Instagram

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