David Yarrow | One of the World’s Best-Selling Fine Art Photographers

David YarrowDavid Yarrow is one of the world’s best-selling fine art photographers. He has spent the past decade documenting the natural world from new perspectives, and his distinctive, evocative and immersive photography of life on earth has earned him an ever-growing following amongst art collectors as a relevant artist of his generation. His limited edition works regularly fetch record bids of over $100,000 at auction houses such as Sotheby’s. He is also a passionate philanthropist and conservationist, and holds multiple ambassadorships including those for WildArk, Nikon, Land Rover and UBS and has donated millions to wildlife and sustainability causes. But, here’s the thing, this almost never happened. 

David’s career had a bit of a false start when, on break from university, he talked his way into a world cup soccer match and captures a legendary image of iconic soccer star, Maradonna. But, instead of embracing a career in photojournalism, he went into finance where he was building a big reputation. For decades. Until a series of experiences led him to walk away from it all and step back into the world of photography but in a very different way.

You can find David at: Website | In Focus Podcast | Instagram

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