David Burkus: Upending Everything You Knew About Business


This week’s guest: 

This week, our in-depth conversation features David Burkus, dad, author, speaker, researcher, and associate professor of management at Oral Roberts University.

He teaches courses on organizational behavior, creativity and innovation, and strategic leadership and has made it his purpose to facilitate the transfer of good ideas.
He is the author The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innovative Companies Generate Great Ideas and writes regularly for Harvard Business Review, Forbes, PsychologyToday and 99U. He’s also the founder and host of Radio Free Leader, a podcast that shares insights on leadership, innovation, and strategy.

His new book, Under New Management: How Leading Organizations Are Upending Business as Usual, draws on decades of research which has found that not only are many of our fundamental management practices wrong and misguided, but they can be downright counter-productive.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How he ended up in a university teaching position he didn’t see coming.
  • Why paying people to quit is a great use of company funds, if you value culture.
  • What happens when companies place their employees above their customers.
  • That the smartest corporate leaders are the ones you’ve never heard of.
  • Why some companies are re-evaluating or eliminating email all together.
  • The benefits of pushing through the uncomfortableness of pay transparency.

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