Danny Koentopp | On Devotion to Craft

Danny Koentopp wakes up every morning, gets dressed, has a bite to eat, kisses his wife and kids, and heads off to a garage in LA, often not coming out until long after the sun has set. For Danny, this garage is a creative temple. An innovative workshop, where he spends his days handcrafting some of the most breathtakingly-beautiful and sought after archtop acoustic jazz guitars and hollow-body electric guitars on the planet. He literally loses time there. But, his story runs deeper than a devotion to craft and music, family and mastery. When Danny steps into his workshop, he’s not alone. He built his first guitar side-by-side with his dad in a home workshop. Danny’s father passed-on shortly after, but he inhabits this little oasis, guiding and inspiring Danny along the way. In that magical space, they reconnect and make magic together.

You can find Dan Koentopp at: Website | Instagram

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