Dani Shapiro | A Year of Secrets, Savoring and Sacrifice

Dani ShapiroDani Shapiro is a New York Times bestselling author and gifted examiner of life, especially her own. Her latest book, Inheritance, drops you into a surprise revelation about who her dad was or, more accurately, wasn’t and the familial earthquake this discovery led to. When the book published, Dani learned something else. She wasn’t the only one with big family secrets. That realization became the inciting incident Dani’s podcast called Family Secrets. And, she’s now launched a second daily podcast, The Way We Live Now, that introduces you to the individual stories of people moving through this current global moment together. And, through all of it, Dani would also find herself hurdled into her husband’s – the love of her life’s – cancer diagnosis and treatment, moving through the surreal experience of celebrating, speaking and traveling, then returning to be with her husband. We explore all in today’s conversation.

You can find Dani Shapiro at: Website | Instagram

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