Dallas Graham | The Story of a Lifetime

Dallas Graham never planned to help kids tell their life stories. A fiercely creative and compassionate Salt Lake City graphic designer, poet, and writer, he’s worked on a wide variety of projects over the years. But, his experience of one particular moment, family and child, would change everything. Setting him down a path to blend everything he’d learned about writing, poetry, and design with his deep love of kids and story to create an offering and an experience that would change so many lives. As the publisher and executive director of the Red Fred Project, Dallas is currently creating life legacies, in the form of books written and created by kids as a way to help them share their stories, ideas, and lens on the world at a moment of an otherwise profound challenge. After seven years of this life-altering work, his belief has strengthened in this idea: “We are producing the greatest stories ever told.” 

You can find Dallas at: Website | Instagram

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