Cynthia Pasquella On Love, Life, Death and Food

cynthiapasquellaCynthia Pasquella had pretty much hit rock-bottom. It was the end. She was convinced it was time to kill herself…

As a girl growing up in the deep-South, poverty and abuse was all she knew. Her health and body were failing her at every turn. She was, in her words, a hot, emotional mess.

But, lying on her bathroom floor moments away from taking her own life, something shifted. An awakening channeled through her. She has no rational explanation for why it happened then and to her. But that moment became not just a turning point, but a launch pad for an extraordinary career in service of other women.

She thought, “if I can help one person out of this feeling that I’m experiencing at this moment, I would have a purpose worth living for.” Interestingly, Pasquella’s gateway to purpose was food. Not so much eating, but understanding the “psychology” of food.

She immersed herself in the study of nutrition, built a thriving practice and eventually founded The Institute for Transformational Nutrition, wrote a bestselling book and appears frequently everywhere from Dr. Phil, the Today Show and The Doctors to the pages of BAZAAR, Cosmo, Marie Claire, TIME, redbook, SHAPE and tons more.

In today’s episode, we go deep into her journey, the extreme poverty she emerged from and how sometimes opening to the unknown and unexplainable is the first step in reclaiming your good life and then building a body-of-work in service of others.

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