The Creative Cave Myth | Rainy Days and Pain

What if you could just spend all your time being creative?

Making amazing things, and not worry about building your social media profiles, your relationships, platforms and all the other yadda, yadda, yadda that comes with being not just a creative person, but also an enterprise.

Is that even possible anymore? And, if so, what would it look like? That’s what we’re exploring in today’s Good Life Project Riff.

Good Life Science: In our Good Life Science segment, we’re diving into some fascinating new research on an age-old myth, the notion that you can “feel the weather in your bones.” More, specifically, does rainy weather make your joints aches or make old injuries more painful? In today’s Good Life Science Update, we explore a new study that harnessed big data to arrive at a surprising answer. And, as always, for those who want to go to the source, here’s a link to the full study.


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