Rise of the Super Connector | Chris Winfield

In the mid-to-late 2000s, Chris Winfield was riding high. Living fast, a co-founder of one of the hottest creative-agencies in tech, he had the world at his feet. Secretly, he was dying inside, addicted and, at what seemed like the height of success, Chris’ business and life imploded. He realized there had to be another way, starting in recovery he set off on a journey of rediscovery, seeking to figure out who he was, what really mattered and how he wanted to serve. Years later, coming from a more intentional and healthy place, he’s rebuilt his life, clean and sober, leading by giving and found a way to tap what he learned was one of his greatest and most valued strengths, his ability to connect with people. That fueled the launch of a series of groundbreaking publicity events for entrepreneurs and experts, Unfair Advantage Live, along with a new venture, Super Connector Media™, on a mission to help people share their unique genius with the world.

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