Chip Conley | How To Reimagine Your Second Act (or third)

Last time I had my friend, Chip Conley, on the podcast, it was a different world. And, his world had just been turned upside down. We were sitting together in my studio, I was living and recording in New York City. And literally hours before, Chip had received a phone call telling him he had cancer. He chose to come in continue on with our conversation, and even share a bit about where his head was at, while also being incredibly present in the conversation, and sharing his emerging passion and ideas and emotions – his take – on the role of what he called “modern elders.”

Since then, so much has changed, once again, in our world, and on a very personal level, in Chip’s. So I invited him to come back and share his journey. We explore how that day shifted everything, how the years have been for him from a physical and emotional well-being standpoint. But, then we shift gears and Chip shares how that early seed of an idea around the deep wisdom and value and sharing, learning and potential for profound, intergenerational contribution led to the creation of what’s now become a global institution call the Modern Elder Academy with campuses in Baja Mexico and New Mexico, and programming that is building community and changing lives in amazing ways. 

By the way if you’re wondering why Chip’s name might sound familiar, beyond earlier appearances on Good Life Project, he’s also a New York Times bestselling author, the hospitality maverick who first built and sold a boutique hotel chain, flatlined on stage while keynoting, then reclaimed and reimagined his life, stepping into help Airbnb’s founders turn their fast-growing tech start-up into a global hospitality brand, all before founding the Modern Elder Academy, becoming a board member of and he’s on the advisory board for the Stanford Center for Longevity. If you’re in a moment where you’re really thinking about what you want the next season of work and life and contribution to look and feel like, this is a don’t miss episode.

You can find Chip at: Modern Elder Academy | Website | Instagram

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