Charlie Gilkey: On Service, Hard Work and Freedom

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This week’s GLP Guest Riff comes from Productive Flourishing founder and process/growth maven, Charlie Gilkey.

Charlie read Jonathan’s original essay, The Content Delusion, which we aired as last week’s GLP Riff, and felt the need to respond. He wanted to go deeper and explore what he calls the Sustainability Thesis, while also debunking two huge myths about building a business or a career.

In this provocative, philosophical and actionable riff, he dives into the idea of “scaling” your business and why, for some, that is a fantastic idea, while for others, it is a terrible one. He also explores the “dollars for hours” myth for service professionals and offers a potential defense of it as a way to build a business that is so often maligned not only in the online space, but in the community of “legitimate business” in general.

It is a great compliment to last week’s Content Delusion Riff and also a bit of a reset and a permission slip to elevate service over freedom.

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