Cathy Heller | How To Be Intentional

Cathy Heller

How do you live a good life? That’s the question we’ve been asking here for nearly a decade. My guest today, Cathy Heller, has been along a similar journey, exploring the role of intentionality, purpose, and presence in a life well-lived. Raised in a household where mental illness and conflict were the norm, she took on the role of peacemaker at the age of 5, became a deep observer of human behavior, first, out of necessity, then out of curiosity, and eventually from the lens of calling. Cathy is a seeker in many ways. 

After studying mysticism and religion in college, followed by 3 years deepening her study of mysticism and self-actualization in Jerusalem, she headed back west, landing in LA, and looking to make her mark in the world of music. She eventually did, but in a way Cathy never saw coming. She became so successful, in fact, Cathy felt called to share what she’d learned, which launched her into the world of teaching, writing, distance learning, and launching her wildly popular Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast, which has over 25 million downloads. Her book of the same name, Don’t Keep Your Day Job, offers a step-by-step approach to not just building a purpose-centered living, but also a deeply intentional life. 

Cathy is a sort of modern mystic meets kindness crusader meets creative visionary meets business savant. More simply, she’s a walking bundle of love and wisdom, and we talk about it all in today’s conversation. 

You can find Cathy at: Website | Instagram

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